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What Does An Asset Management Company Do?

An Asset Management Company specializes in providing comprehensive financial solutions to individuals and business' seeking to optimize their investment portfolios. With a team of seasoned professionals, they offer expert guidance and strategic advice to help clients achieve their financial goals. Leveraging their extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge research tools, an Asset Management Company meticulously analyzes global markets and identifies opportunities across various asset classes, including equities, fixed income, and alternative investments. Their tailored investment strategies, coupled with rigorous risk management techniques, ensure that clients' portfolios are aligned with their unique objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. With a commitment to delivering superior performance and long-term value, Asset Management Companies aim to empower clients and guide them towards financial success. 

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How Do You Make Money With An Asset Management Company?

As an Asset Management Company client, you can unlock the potential to grow your wealth and generate income through various avenues. One way to make money is through capital gains, which refers to the increase in the value of your investments over time. By leveraging Asset Management Companies expertise in asset allocation and market analysis, they aim to strategically position your portfolio for potential capital appreciation. Additionally, you can earn income through dividends, which are distributions of company profits to shareholders based on the number of shares held. Dividends can provide a regular stream of income, particularly from dividend-paying stocks or equity funds. Another avenue for generating income is through interest, which is earned on fixed-income investments such as bonds or money market funds. With these strategies and active portfolio management, you can harness the potential of capital gains, dividends, and interest to enhance your financial well-being. If you would like to find the best strategy for your situation call us today for a free consultation.

What Is The Best Asset Management Company?

Determining the best asset management company requires careful consideration of individual needs and circumstances. We understand that everyone's situation is unique, and that's why we offer a diverse range of asset management companies to partner with, catering to different needs. Whether it's Invesco, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, or one of our other asset management companies, each partner brings a distinct set of strengths and expertise. This allows clients to find the ideal match for their investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial preferences. Whether clients prioritize sustainable investing, wealth preservation, aggressive growth, or any other specific objective, Keilbart Freedom Solutions, LLC ensures that their partner network can provide tailored solutions. By offering a comprehensive selection of top-tier asset management firms, Keilbart Freedom Solutions, LLC and its representatives are an extension of all major Asset Management Companies. We choose to represent multiple companies so we can offer our clients the very best. We empower clients to make informed choices and secure the services that align best with their specific requirements, ultimately enhancing their investment journey.

Our Top Tier Asset Management Companies

Is It Worth It To Hire An Asset Management Company?

Partnering with an asset management company can prove highly beneficial, and Chris, the founder of Keilbart Freedom Solutions, LLC, exemplifies the value that such a partnership can bring. Chris's expertise and dedication to helping families navigate the complexities of investment management make him a trusted advisor. With a deep understanding of various asset classes and a keen eye for market trends, Chris customizes investment strategies to align with each family's unique goals and risk tolerance. By providing personalized guidance and proactive portfolio management, Chris ensures that families can optimize their wealth potential while safeguarding their financial future. Through his expertise and commitment to delivering tangible results, Chris and Keilbart Freedom Solutions, LLC exemplify why working with an asset management company is worth it, providing clients with the peace of mind and financial security they deserve.

The Danger Of Investing On Your Own

When individuals attempt to manage their own investments, they expose themselves to inherent risks and potential financial pitfalls. Statistics reveal a significant difference in performance between self-directed investors and those who seek the expertise of asset management companies. According to a study by DALBAR, the average investor tends to significantly underperform the market, with the 20-year average annual return for equity mutual fund investors being only 5.19%, compared to the S&P 500 index's average annual return of 7.47% during the same period. Similarly, investors who utilized a financial advisor benefited from an average annual return that was approximately 3% higher compared to those who managed their investments independently. These statistics highlight the dangers of self-directed investing and underscore the importance of working with an asset management company. By leveraging our expertise, proven investment strategies, and meticulous risk management techniques, individuals can enhance their investment performance and navigate the financial landscape with confidence, ultimately achieving their financial goals.

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